Craps (win32)



Tools for handling virtual desktops in X Windows.

Version 0.2
2005/01/11 Kristian Mueller (
Thanks Peer Georgi for supporting development!
Download virtualDesktopTools-0.2.tar.gz(2005/01/12)
Download virtualDesktopTools-0.2b.tar.gz(2005/01/11)
Download virtualDesktopTools-0.1.tar.gz(2005/01/04)

The program vDesktopTools supports switching the virtual desktop to the desktop indexed by the first argument. (counting from 0)

The program sited supports switching a virtual desktop to the right by default. With any argument it switches one to the left.
(Thanks sited for giving her name.)

The number of desktops and number of the currently selected one are displayed.

This should work with all EWMH-complient windowmanagers.

This includes:
  • icewm
  • kwin (the default WM from KDE)
  • metacity (the default WM from GNOME)
  • openbox >= 3
  • sawfish
  • fvwm >= 2.5
  • waimea
  • pekwm
  • enlightenment >= 0.16.6
  • xfce >= 4
  • fluxbox >= 0.9.6
  • matchbox

Other methodes like KDE are prepared.

This is just a early alpha. Development will continue to reach a perfect state.